Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have male and female lawyers?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions.

There are many reasons why you might wish to be represented by either a male or female lawyer.

You will be able to have a choice when it comes to engaging a solicitor for your matter.

Do you accept telephone appointments?

We can accommodate requests for telephone or video link appointments.

What areas of law do you practice?

Our partners gained expertise in legal practices covering a wide range of law.

Despite much of our work involving criminal and family law, we regularly act in relation to other areas of law including torts (medical negligence, personal injury and common law claims) and civil litigation.

Do you have fixed fees or can you be paid at the end of my matter?

Many legal matters can be resolved by way of a fixed fee arrangement and we will be able to identify these at your first meeting.

In some instances, there can be a pay at end arrangement. Such arrangements are often described as ‘no win, no fee’. The majority of these matters involve our fees being met from the proceeds of settlement.

Contact us to discuss whether this might apply to your matter.

What is the price of the initial consult?

We understand that finding the right personality to represent you is important and why a first meeting can provide you with comfort and confidence to make an informed choice.

As such, we will always give you time to think about whether you wish to engage us without a consultation fee nor obligation.

How much will a case cost?

Unless your matter is a fixed fee arrangement, you are generally charged on a time basis.

It inevitably follows that the longer a matter takes, then the more it will cost.

This often comes down to the type of matter being dealt with, how complicated it is and the attitude of the opposing parties.

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